Promotional artwork depicting the Vinci city of Miana in the game intro

The Vinci are a Steampunk human civilization whose domain lies in the western part of Aio's main continent.

Though the Vinci are fairly unified culturally, their lands are politically fragmented, and petty conflict is very common. The Vinci people are technological innovators, utilizing heavy industry, advanced manufacturing techniques, dinstictive Heroes and state of the art prototype technology to match the magic of the Alin or the alien might of the Cuotl.

Background Edit

The Vinci factions have recently discovered the power of technology and have exploited it to modernise their ways of life. While some vinci clans are slower to adopt, such as the condottieri, most of the other factions started mass industry while the brightest minds continue to find new ways to create new inventions to pave the way for the civilisation.

The most notable innovator was a man simply known as 'The Great Inventor' rumored to have spearheaded the Vinci's revolution although young minds have followed in his footsteps after his passing.

Steam, Electricity, Airships, gunpowder and clockwork engineering distinguishes the Vinci from their neighbours as well as their unique heroes, whom use gadgets and modified vehicles to lead the charge against their enemies.

Two major factions contest to unify the splinter factions under one flag: Venucci, led the meglomanic Doge soughted to rule by force and his industrial might is represented by his personal superweapon: The Doge Hammer. A massive mobile heavy artillery piece capable of leveling entire cities. The Mianans, led by a house of lords, mainly Petruzzo and Giacomo, fight to keep the peace over the other counties and to stop the Doge and his ambitious plots. Their diplomatic approach to winning allies is a more subtle way, compared to their rival.

National Power Edit

The Vinci national power is Industrial Devastation, which causes giant bores and drills to rise from beneath the earth, damaging anything in the area, throwing smaller units to the ground, and prohibiting the construction of buildings on that area for a short time. Further research into the Mining research track increases the power and radius of the attack.

Strategy Edit

The Vinci's strength comes from their versatility and their ability to adapt to counter an opposing race. The Vinci late game is the most powerful in Rise of Legends (able to over power the Cuotl late game) with units such as Juggernauts, Air Cruisers and superior late game prototypes. Giacomo is a suppport hero with Augumentation and Super Armor as extremely useful buffs for all units, The Doge is the offensive and siege attack hero whilst Lenora is a speed/ DPS hero. The Vinci are best played defensive early game holding off enemies so that they can tech up to reach their stronger units and technologies late game.

The Vinci have access to a unique form of currency, "Prototype Points," which are gained by building Industrial Districts. These Research Points are spent at a specialized structure, the Prototype factory: for each point, the player is allowed to choose one of three topics, which may grant them army-wide upgrades, unique units which cannot be gained any other way, or an increase in Timonium income. Later, the player may also choose to receive large amounts of Wealth, an upgrade in unit production, or a free powerful unit.


  • Giacomo, Inventor of Miana
  • The Doge, Ruler of Venucci
  • Lenora, Pirata Captain
  • General Carlini, Giacomo's advisor
  • Distruzio, Vinci research scientist (Campaign Only)
  • General Battaglion, High Commander of Mianan Armed Forces (Campaign Only)
  • Commander Venza, captain of Pirata
  • Pulitore the Doge's alchemist, in the Kalahase Desert, he and his army deserted the Doge. Meet Giacomo at the great Oasis Mission. Playable during Campaign only.