Queen Salamander

A queen salamander. A normal salamander is much smaller.

The salamander is a large, fire breathing lizard that goes through three known life stages, which the last two require upgrading to get. It is produced at the flame circle, and is upgraded at the eternal flame.


The salamander is a creature of great size, native to the Kalahese Desert and tamed by the Alin. It jets a huge amount of fire at enemies, setting them on fire.

Attack multipliersEdit

Vs. small size Vs. medium size Vs. large size
Vs. light armor 1/1 =100% 3/4 =75% 1/2 =50%
Vs. medium armor 3/4 =75% 9/16 =56.25% 3/8 =37.5%
Vs. heavy armor 1/2 =50% 3/8 =37.5% 1/4 =25%

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