Cuotl City

Promotional art of a Cuotl city. A portion of the crashed spaceship can be seen on the left.

The Cuotl are an advanced civilization residing in the Kumee Jungle. Under the eternal rule of four alien entities posing as gods, the Cuotl people are religious zealots, willingly serving their deities. Though they are forever servants, the human Cuotl population have received tutelage in advanced alien technologies from their masters. By Giacomo's time, these holy warriors have become experts at using their terrible and strange machines for the greater glory of the Gods.

Background Edit

The gods were not seen for a thousands years, according to some accounts. In any case, they brought an artifact to Aio which corrupted Sawu and almost destroyed the Alin, although unintentionally. When they did emerge from the crashed Spaceship, they used fear in the locals of them to stop any resistance, while they (Xil, Shok and Czin) killed everyone in power and set up themselves as Gods.

There is a rebel group called the Fallen who use captured technology to oppose the Gods, but they are no real threat to the Gods, although they may become one...

National Power Edit

The Cuotl national power, Star Bolt, summons a contracting halo of intense light, which damages all enemy units and structures within its circumference. Curiously, it is selectable by mouse and can be moved, allowing the player to chase opposing units with it or use it for reconnaissance. By researching the Divine Power research track, the size, power and duration of the Star Bolt increases.

Strategy Edit

The Cuotl are a powerful faction who serve as the main enemies in the third campaign. Cuotl units possess bizarre technologies foreign to both the Vinci and the Alin. With technologies such as lasers, energy shields, solar beams and other other-wordly flying units, Cuotl forces appear to outmatch any and all opponents. Whilst Vinci are extremely strong late game and Alin are strong early game, the Cuotl power up in mid-game with many units like Sun-Idols and death snakes rolling out during this point. The alienating Cuotl side is best described as a turtling faction as compared to the hit and run Alin and the defensive booming Vinci.

Each god has different 'powers'. Czin is the god of death, and so he has fearsome poisoning and destruction powers. Xil is the god of the Sun, and so has powers to call down beams of light, setting fire to and even melting many enemies! Shok is the god of Storm, and has powers over the sky, such as Hurricane, Lightning and Thunder. They used the advanced technology their civilization posseses to create very powerful units, which are themed on each god - Death Snakes for Czin, Storm Disks for Shok, and Sun Idols for Xil and so on.


  • Czin, God of Death
  • Xil, the Sun God
  • Shok, Goddess of Storm
  • Ix, the Moon God (Campaign and Wonder Valley only)