Aio is the planet upon which the story of Rise of Legends takes place. There is at least one major continent on the planet, which can be divided into three major populated regions. In addition to these three main regions developed below, there are a variety of wild border areas situated around the continent where tribes of Berserkers and other strange peoples reside.

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The main continent on Aio. Click on a region to go to its page.


Vinci LandsEdit

Located in the west, the Vinci lands are temperate to mildly humid in climate. They are often forested, though sometimes sparsely so. The Vinci lands are rich with mineral deposits and other natural resources, and a technological civilization based upon clockwork and steam has emerged out of the earlier horse-based Condottieri culture. Ancient ruins of temples, perhaps from a golden age of the Condottieri, dot the landscape.

Kalahese DesertEdit

The middle of Aio's main (and perhaps only) continent is dominated by the Kalahese Desert, an arid region in which the magic-wielding Alin make their home. Sand and its derivative glass are the primary elements of the desert landscape, though vegetation is not unknown. Prior to Giacomo's campaign, the majority of the eastern Kalahese Desert is overrun by corrupted Dark Glass, and a vast crevasse filled with that substance still remains. The desert is filled with many picturesque and ancient ruins.

Kumee JungleEdit

The eastern portion of the continent is a vast jungle, home to the Cuotl people and their Gods. Perhaps the most ancient of Aio's populated regions, the trees here are truly wondrous to behold, extending sometimes hundreds of meters into th sky. At their feet, truly ancient temple ruins lurk, as well as the newer temples erected to the alien glory of the Cuotl Gods. However, most of the technology has been scattered throughout the Vinci Lands where the Viscount acquired this new technology after Petruzzo's death. Hence, the final campaign takes place where Giacomo must help the Fallen to defeat the False gods before the end of the world has come to pass.